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General Resources

AMA Survey Report

Firth-Cozens, J., Doctors, their wellbeing, and their stress. BMJ, 2003; 326: 670-671

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The Canadian Medical Association has a range of resources. In particular, they have podcasts on:

  • Physician Wellness
  • The Mindful Physician
  • Physicians in Trouble

Addiction Services


Alcoholics Anonymous
Alcohol and drug information services
Gamblers Anonymous
Gambling Helpline (1800 858 858)
Quit (Aust)
Narcotics Anonymous

Peer Support

Australia Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine 
New South Wales AMA NSW
NSW Rural Doctors Network
NSW Rural Medical Family Network
Northern Territory AMA NT
Queensland Rural Doctors Association of Queensland
Queensland Rural Medical Family Network
South Australia AMA SA
Tasmania AMA TAS
AMA Tasmania Peer Support Service
Western Australia AMA WA
Victoria AMA VIC
Peer support (AMA VIC and TAS)


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Bullying, harassment

Kron, J. The Fear Factor. Australian Doctor 18 May, 2007.

Have you been accused?

Nash, L; Walton, M; Daly, M; Johnson, M; Walter, G; van Ekert, E; Willcock, S; Tennant, C. (2006). How Australian General Practitioners’ concerns about medico-legal issues affect their practice. Australian Family Physician, 38 (1/2) 66-70.

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Nash, L, Daly, M. Kelly, P., van Ekert, E., Walter, G., Walton, M., Willcock, S. and Tennant, C . (2010)  Perceived practice change in Australian doctors as a result of medico-legal concerns.  MJA 193 (3): 161-166.

Your Health

Ayas, N. et al (2006) Extended work duration and the risk of self-reported percutaneous injuries in interns. JAMA, 296 (9).

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Benson, S et al (2009) Burnout in Australasian Younger fellows ANZ J Surg, 590-597

Junior Doctors

Markwell, A and Wainer, Z (2009) The health and wellbeing of junior doctors: insights from a national survey. MJA, Vol 191, no 8, Oct 2009

Keeping your Grass Greener: Australian Medical Students Association and New Zealand Medical Students Association